Star Casket Company was started in 1960 by a family who owned a local funeral home.  Originally their caskets were made to offer their customers and families a cost effective alternative to more expensive products.  Eventually their product line expanded and was offered to other Northern California Funeral Homes.

In the 1980’s, Star Casket Company became a separate business and was acquired briefly by another local family operator and then by the current owner.  Over the years, the product line has been expanded, but always striving to provide quality, low cost options for the funeral industry.

Star Casket Company’s commitment to offer cost effective products for the funeral industry continues by providing this user friendly website.  By using our website, Funeral Directors will find current product details that will allow you to provide your customers with important information in a timely manner.  In addition, our website will give you access to updated information, as well as convenient  contact with our dedicated staff.  Our number one goal is to provide professional, timely service.